One More Time – Part 1

It’s been a year since Monica and Chandler moved into their new house with their twins , Rachel and Ross resumed their relationship, Joey stayed in Chandler’s old apartment while Phoebe lived in with her hubby Mike in her apartment .

Present scenario :

(Joey is watching Amityville Horror .There’s knocking in the scene)

( in the movie): Open the door or I’ll kill you

( the other voice): go away

(There’s a knock on the main door of the apartment)

(from outside): Open the door.

Joey: (Scared) Aaaa….That’s Chandler’s voice. Why would he come at this hour? Is he dead .OMG the scene and then this .

(He runs towards his room and slams the door hard .He tries to sneak under his bed. *he has gained a little weight*.Finally he fits in)

(He hears footsteps .He is able to see it straight through the bottom of the door)

(from outside): Open the door you idiot, or I’ll kill you

(Scared Joey stays quiet. He could see the steps retrieving .In fear, he tries calling Ross)

Ross(picking the phone): Hey Rachel, please come back home ?

Joey: Hey Ross, it’s me , Joey

Ross: Oh hey hie,….wh….what….why in all earth did you find 4 am appropriate to call me?

Joey : I think Chandler’s dead. And now he’s here to kill me.

Ross: (shocked) What ? You think Chandler’s dead? How? when?

Joey : (cluelessly) I don’k know. But you come right here. I have to pee and if he kills me, I’ll come back with him to kill you.

(They disrupt their communication .Ross arrives and finds the door open. There’s end credits of Amityville on the TV. He knocks on the room’s door)

Joey: (with all spirit left) In the name of all gods, I thereby condemn you to hell and don’t you dare to take my pizza or anything with you. I was robbed once. ( referring to chandler’s ghost) We were robbed once

Ross (to himself): And he’s fine with me being thrown into hell and not this piece of pizza. Great . No wonder he thinks that Chandler’s spirit would come back to kill him(laughs mildly)

Ross( to Joey) : Hey Joe, it’s me, Ross. open the door .I won’t kill you.

(Joey opens the door. Shares a sigh of relief, grabs his pizza and runs towards the washroom. In the meanwhile , Ross turns off the TV.)

Joey (from inside the washroom) : ah …ah …. Ahhhhhhhh….(there’s an awkward flush noise)….This is the best feeling ever….op…..oppppss……ohhhhhhh

(Joey waddles off from the washroom and shuts the door.)

Joey (to Ross) : Thanks Ross, I mean ,you saved my pizza. But I think Chandler’s dead. He was right outside the door. I could see his shoes. He said he would kill me

Ross ( suspiciously) : Yes. Maybe you snored so loudly that it made him traverse all the way from heaven. (Loudly) Did you ? Did you? ( calming down) I think it was your dream plus you were watching that Horror movie.

Joey : I wish that was a dream. But I swear on that last piece of pizza that I just ate, I heard the voice. It was Chandler’s.

Ross ( with a frustrated look): Let’s check the apartment first(Joey follows Ross)(Ross turns) ahaa….what are you doing:?

Joey (gazing deep down) : Checking the house

Ross : Wouldn’t it be better and quicker, provided it’s 5am, if you’d check your bathroom and your room again.

Joey ( ecstatically) : If I were you , and you were Chandler, neither of us would go in there.( laughs with a glow on the face)

Ross : ( opens the door and stumbles) You didn’t get the door repaired ( Sees a leg under the blanket ) oh there’s a leg. Is it Chandler’s.

Joey : (laughs his heart loud) Mighty ross had a great fall ….(resurrecting seriousness)….(and then again with some blush) oh that leg, I got it off a mannequin ,and that body is of the same mannequin ,kind of got that idea from the girl who dumped Chandler for his third nipple(both smirk) You know, it helps me to feel Chandler’s presence across the room. I used to miss him. Now that he’s dead, I’m missing him more (sobbing and then shouting) Why God Why….

Ross: Okay , so Chandler’s not here . Let’s call Mon before you jump to any further conclusion

(They both step out of the apartment to avoid the stinky smell. Instead they find smoke coming from Monica’s old apartment)

Ross (with wide eyes) : Someone’s smoking in the locked apartment.

Joey ( mischeavously) : Yeah . It’s been like this since the last six months. The smell of the smoke reminds me of Chandler ( bursts in tears) ….so I never thought of anything else. But you know what it means ?

Ross ( glazing at the door ): I think someone is living in there from a very long time and all thanks to you .

Joey : Awww….you don’t have to thank me ( finds Ross annoyed) ….uhhhh , I think it means both Chandler and Monica are dead. You know , like , they are back to the place where they spent most of their life. Chandler would be smoking and Monica …. Cooking

Ross : (sadly) my sister and my best friend. (sobbingly ) MY SISTER AND MY BEST FRIEND (then to himself) who am I believing in, the one who forgets his audition’s date and time (then to Joey )Let’s start to think positively . I’ll call Monica and you can knock over there (pointing towards Monica’s old apartment) and find out what’s the matter

Joey: (knocks the door) Who’s in there ?

(A female voice is heard from the other side of the door)

( the voice): It’s me, Monica, and that’s Chandler who is smoking his heart out . We are in our spiritual form. Run away or we’ll kill you (wicked laugh is heard) hahahahahhaaaaaaa.

Joey (turning towards Ross) : I was damn right. Monica’s spirit just spoke to me.

Ross( with an appealing look) : Yes. Monica’s spirit just spoke to me too. She’s still in her body. With her twins, she has moved in our parent’s house . She said she had an argument with Chandler since he did something pretty stupid, and In haste she asked him to leave the house.

Joey : Maybe he’s in there ,smoking. But if he was in there, he would have opened the door by now.

Ross : You’ve the key right, let’s break in . Oh no , we had left our keys on the kitchen counter. Anyways, let’s break in

Ross( out loud to the voice that came from inside) : Whoever is in there, open the door or we’ll barge in with full force and kick your ass . I know KAARAAATEEEE (SIGHS with pride)

Joey ( Jokingly ) : What if there’s a woman in there. What will you do with her a (catches Ross glowering right at him) a a a….. we are breaking in….

Ross : At the count of 3, we would break this door and ambush the intruder . 1 , 2 , 3 ….

( Ross and Joey march in with full force. The door opens up like a light feather and they both stumble upon each other)

Joey(who’s lying beneath Ross) : Ross, just don’t get up that quickly okay

Ross : I know , it might hurt you. Let me know .

Joey ( smiling) : Yes I will. Aahhh it feels so good .

Ross( sensing the air around ) : Ewwww, don’t you ever talk to me.

(Ross stands up and gives a hand to Joey . They find multiple files and papers related to stocks lying on the floor. There’s a business woman with her back towards them .She’s in an expensive sleeveless dress with a studded belt. In one hand she has a cigar and in the other she has an Iphone using which she is throwing tantrums at someone because of whom she lost 10 millions)

Ross ( with a low voice) : Miss , whoever you are, I believe you are trespassing my sister’s property.

Joey ( to Ross ) : Dude she looks hot and she’s rich. Is this the magic of waking up early or has Chandler already killed us that this is heaven ( in excitement ,to the lady ) How ya doing ?

The lady (turning backwards ) : (with a laugh ) OK ….Bubyeeee .

Ross and Joey (in unison ) : Pheebs

TO BE CONTINUED in One More Time-Part 2

Ello there Dear Friends

I’m a huge fan of F. R. I. E. N. D. S and I wanted many more episodes of it. So I couldn’t resist from plotting down a script of my own, like a possibility of how things could go further. I hope everyone would like it. I’m all ears to suggestions and feedback.

Have a good time 😊

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