Check out FRIENDS- One More Time #1 if you’ve missed it

One more Time #2

(Monica has moved into her parent’s house, along with Jack and Erica . Chandler is still missing and assumed dead. Rachel gets some news regarding the same from Joey and hence catches the first flight to New York)

(Rachel arrives at Ross’s parent’s house)

Rachel(dropping her bags): Oh Monica, I know it’s a hard time for everyone. But how did it happen. Do you have any idea ?

Monica: I don’t know (crying out loud).

Rachel: ok ok , just calm down dear. How are Jack and Erica ,and most importantly,how is Phoebe ?

(a voice is heard from the upper room.It’s Monica’s father) Jack Geller: oh dear, I’m all fine. Thank you for asking.

(meanwhile Monica is crying her heart out. She then gathers herself and speaks to Rachel)

Monica : I don’t know.How would be Phoebe? Phoebe would be just Phoebe,though she had that little affection(and then throwing a glowering look at Rachel) First it was you and now She’s all set to steal my thunder.(with a glowing smile covered in tears)I mean Chandler meant so much to me.

Rachel: (awkwardly) I never knew you were this close. And Little affection ? Monica, Chandler meant the world to Phoebe. She would be broken into pieces by now. Poor Phoebe.

Monica : (with an amazed look) What? I’m here crying in front of you and you are thinking about Phoebe. I never thought you’d do this to me (Monica buries her face in her arms and starts to weep)

Rachel : Oh Monica,Calm down. Just Relax.Now tell me how did it all might have some clue about it.

Monica : you know, how I like to make rules, we had one ( acts absent minded).

Jack and Erica (in unison,from behind) : you make a mess,at once confess . But if you fall short by any less,for a month you’d be washing clothes and dishes.

Monica (spreading her arms) : My dear kids, come to mommy.

Rachel : (filled with emotions) awww, let me in too..

Monica : (swinging her index finger left and right in succession) No,no,no,no. You stay right there

(she asks her mom to take the kids inside )

Rachel : (with a sad puppy face) ok

Monica (gazing deep down) : I can’t believe this (hops over Rachel to hug her)

Rachel (trying to breathe): Mo Ni Ca ….What happened next? Agh….(she separates her from Monica’s tight grasp)

Monica : So Chandler was having a soap bath, which

(Rachel cuts her talk)

Rachel (with immense curiosity) : Chandler was with you !!!! But I thought….

(This time Monica cuts off Rachel with a stern voice)

Monica : aha, first thing,you’ve said enough.second thing, Chandler is mine (sobs out loudly) was mine(brushing off the tears). Third , Phoebe has Mike. Just because you both made that funny flirtatious joke once doesn’t make Chandler hers.

Rachel: (gulping something)vokay Monica, enough is enough. That woman got to love Chandler for 9 months and then she had to give it to someone else. you….

(Monica rises up with anger and frustration)

Monica: You …. You mean to say that someone is me.How could you even say that ?

Rachel : You ,as in ….You should understand the most,I mean, you and Chandler adopted two beautiful babies.Erica had to think a lot. Phoebe gave birth to Chandler and then had to give her over to her brother. Now that she is going through a tough time, you should be there for her.

Monica : (with an impression-less face) Chandler died? Oh Rachel, how did it happen ?

Rachel ( glazing at her ): You tell me. You’re the one who’s crying and moaning

Monica : (annoyingly) How would I know ?

Rachel(raising an eyebrow) : You said Chandler was with you, in your house,having a bath .

Monica (sighing) : That’s Chandler, my stupid Chandler Bing.

Rachel:Did he die too ? Oh poor Monica.

Monica : (with a sardonic look ) I know.

Rachel : But how did it happen ?

Monica : ( with a funny smile with a little bit of anguish ) oh I know( and then shouts)that I don’t know .

Rachel : (with bright eyes as if something clicked in) oh oh, so you were crying over Chandler’s death. (recovering her disdain look) Oh Monica, do cry. ( after a long pause) So what happened actually with Chandler ?

Monica : (recollecting the thoughts) Chandler was having a soap bath with his tiny ship and kids were sleeping.And,and Chandler fell asleep in the bath tub and forgot to turn off the water tap. By the time I returned , the whole house was flooded and he was still asleep .

Rachel : oh so he died in his sleep (catches Monica’s stare) oh do continue

Monica : So I yelled at him and said that it would had been better if he would had sunk deep down with his ship.

Rachel : (with eagerness) So how did he die

Monica : I beg you Rachel , shut up for once , and for the last time I’d say this, I don’t know.

Rachel: ok ok ,then ?

Monica : he left the house in his sweat pants and didn’t return . Then Ross called in to ask Chandler’s whereabouts.He said Joey was threatened by Chandler’s ghost.

Rachel : yeah yeah , Joey called me and said , ‘Rachel,poor little Chandler is dead and Phoebe is here with us, smoking and shouting tantrums’. Then he asked me to come as soon as possible. The usage of Phoebe and little did leave little to my imagination ( then scratching her head) I’m so sorry Monica.

Monica (calming herself down) : it’s okay. But why are you here with your bags,I mean it looks like you just came back from a vacation or something, and why is Ross there with Joey and not here with you .

Rachel : okay (taking a deep breath), I was in England.

Monica (in a puzzled state) : and Emma, and Ross ?

Rachel: (in a childish tone) Emma is with my mumma and (with a high pitched tone of regret ) Ross and I aren’t together anymore .

Monica (messing her hairs as badly as possible ) : what ! when ! why ! how ! …. How did it happen ?

Rachel : it’s a very long story. Ross and I got married again

Monica(with glee) : aww

Rachel: and then something happened and since then we are on a break.

Monica : oh (as if she knew what Rachel was about to say)

Rachel : Enough about that. Let’s rush down at Joey’s apartment and find out what is going on

(Monica and Rachel leave at once,They reach there only to find the apartment’s door open )

Monica : No wonder things disappear from here (both share a small laugh)

Rachel (hearing the squeaking noise) : you hear that Monica ?

(They both unlock the room’s door)

(They find a body like figure beneath the blanket, bouncing up and down the bed )

( A leg pops out and falls down.Both Rachel and Monica began to scream )

(the person beneath the blanket throws his head out )

Rachel and Monica (in unison) : Mike ….


Ello there Dear Friends

I’m a huge fan of F. R. I. E. N. D. S and I wanted many more episodes of it. So I couldn’t resist from plotting down a script of my own, like a possibility of how things could go further. I hope everyone would like it. I’m all ears to suggestions and feedback.

Have a good time 😊

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