Sugar-coated R&B

Like a disease he was 

For the world that saw…. 

Him labeling the streets of the cities 

With inverted crucibles and havoc entities…. 

Departed, he was, from humanity 

That imparted upon him insanity…. 

But in sanity, came in to dwell 

At Arkham Asylum, Dr Harley Quinzel…. 

Who thought of a tot’s presence 

In him; Who might have got lost in his reminiscence…. 

Too much, that he had to live with those coloured hairs 

And a palm that acted as a lair…. 

For his wicked smile 

That baked many to meet their senile…. 

Stage; but with her he tried 

His charm, to get her by his side…. 

And he did 

Succeed to seed…. 

In her heart 

The sympathy of sharing the same past…. 

And at last it worked 

As she went head over heels to embrace the dirt…. 

In which he was wrapped in 

To become his Harley Quinn…. 

For the world, the Queen had finally found her king 

As Joker & Harley redefined the meaning 

Of love and terror 

By being partners in crime for ever 

But deep down he knew in disguise 

That the Pudding had finally found his Pumpkin Pie…. 

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