My first rap music

Rap Rap Rap…. Its a brand new rap

Everyone on their feet just to clap clap clap…. ….

‘Coz I’m with my heart for a while to dance

Woo woo woo, Hip-hop, classical, trance…. 

Isn’t it mystical….Heavenly magical

Oh baby, You are gonna name me the lovable criminal…. 

Twirling myself….To the the right

Flawless as ever….Yeah I’m Mr.Right…. ….

The beats are up and the bass is high

For you, my friends, make me the mystical sky…. ….

To reach out till this level where the end seems pretty close

here’s a simple promise, that I’ll bloom back like a budding rose…. 

Ps: I had written it a year ago. Kinda love rap over other genre. 

And believe me, 

I’m not hip hop, and I’m just not eminem πŸ™ˆ

(Eminem is the best, and an inspiration, of course πŸ’–) 



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