My Happy Place

With our little fingers entangled

Our souls walk hand in hand

Exploring the 3-Dimensional space

Modeled with moments casted via a magic wand….

With every step we take

We can hear our giggles echoing

To such an extent that

We could giggle again while reminiscing….

Mocking attitudes

Or the carefully-crafted thoughts

Filled with platitudes

With love and care settling like a cherry on the top….

The air seems to remember the warmth

That we had used to diminish the word ‘stranger’

And the footprints down this lane are still fresh

That we had imprinted while being each other’s harbinger….

Of joy

And of reverie

And of the other infinite reasons

That always drew a flawless smile for free….

With such memories

And many more to be built

Wonderland could be easily belittled

With the grandeur that we have built….

So for now

And for ever, it’s safe

To say that, with you

This life is my happy place….

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