A city of all, A city for all

Mumbai is different, if compared to other cities

As it’s ancient landmarks still exhale convivialities…..

To begin with, we have Siddhivinayak and Iscon temple

Where people witness their apathy and antipathy

Evolve into serene empathy….

Then to that is our famous Gateway of India

Which embraces the arrival of cosmopolitans

With grandeur and grace equivalent to salute of 21 guns….

Next to that are these nature’s beatific filters

Like Sensuous sunset or divine dawn,

which from eternity one could trace

At Marine drive and Worli Seaface….

Even the city’s ‘Film City’ and ‘The Walk Of Stars’

Speaks for the cinematic world and it’s superstars

Who shed their sweat to set blockbusters like ‘The Fault in Our Stars’….

For fashionistas and foreigners from far away shores

Who believe in exploring vivid trends for their perfect paparazzi pose

Colaba Causeways market and Fashion Street serves the very purpose….

And for the foodies

Is our very welcoming Carter Road Khau galli

As is the church for peace seekers at Mount Mary….

Amidst all these elegant and ebullient landmarks

Mumbai proudly boasts about some traversed stepping stones

And some established milestones….

Like Dhirubi Ambani’s ‘Scrap to skyscraper’ vision

Sachin’s eternal journey with ‘13 coins’ as his souvenir

Or SRK’s ‘Red carpet walk’ from Middle class to Mannat via Maratha Mandir….

And even after some inconceivable events

Like the 26/11 or the recent stampede incidents

Mumbai is still the city were diversity greets unity to heal scars and dents….

And no matter how the future timeline will fare

One to many and many to all, will always call and recall….

A city of all, A city for all….

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