The beast inside my belly

Gleaming to the moon

And it’s Twilight Themed Dapper

I walked past the blocks

Humming rhythm like a rapper….

When all of a sudden

My sight caught a brunette

Sipping latte of her liking

In this incredible luncheonette….

Little did I know

It wasn’t my heart

Though I assumed it was

That got the moment strike ‘apart’….

And scribe’ close enough’

Next to ‘that too, to her’

But as I was about to script ‘Hello’

Something escalated me away from her….

In the next thing that followed

I found myself seated

On a table for one

Though in a manner, I felt mistreated….

But who was I to say

Since ‘To whom should I say’

Seemed mysterious

In it’s own kind of way….

“Pour me your best wine

Bring Paris to me

But don’t forget the Russian style

‘service a la russe’…. ”

The maitre d’hotel, like me

Was shocked to his core

Which and when I heard from my belly

” I need more…. ”

The sleeping beast, I bet

Was well awake by now

Who knew to entice my brain better than me

Whenever it smelled food or cacao….

” Aye mate”, it kept boasting

“In appetisers, bring me some oysters

Let them be plain and perfectly seasoned

With dab of Wasabi enhancing the flavours….”

“Then bring the Barley soup

Oh, do skip the scone

Then do rush to garnish thy Salmon

Without breaking any table or a bone…. ”

Scared that the waiter was

He ran for the chef at once

And spooned out the ordered dishes

Which I gobbled one by one all at once….

The voice from my belly made it’s way again

” Aye mate, now for the main course

How about some boiled rice

Garnished with some chateau potatoes…. ”

” Once done with it

Don’t bother about any facial expression

Just serve me the best of your desserts

With peaches in chartreuse jelly, you know, just for fun…. ”

The species of spices

Along with the delicacies of all sizes

Helped my beast find it’s beauty

Which, for me, opened up the box of surprises….

Comprising my enchanted mind

And a delighted soul

Also a belly in crisis

Thereby picturing me as an ‘about to burst’ black hole….

And even though I didn’t get a chance

To tell a Tale to that sweetheart

I was still gloating for the beast in my belly

As it’s act only ended up pouring love in my heart….


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