Lucky You #13

Back in sight

To that starlit night….

With your Lil eyes you saw the world for the first time

And made the other eyes stare at yours, like it was the first time….

Evidently, breathing too lightly

And giggling politely….

Finally became the prettiest crime

Which included stealing the beats off the clock’s chime….

In your Lil heart, you stored Love&Felicity

Singing too softly, you gave it all away to the needy ones in this world’s vicinity….

With your Lil fingers you washed away all the miseries

Dancing too elegantly, you taught a new way of erasing the worries….

Back then you were named ‘Lucky’

For mumma placed in your pocket a rabbit’s foot, which was quite fluffy….

Still making the difference and being the same

You’ll always be lucky, just like your name….

Ps : Happy Birthday Taylor 💖😍🎂


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