A Heart’s Eloquence

In halves, I’m two

In quarters, I’m two times two

But still like a whole

I fill in the hole

Pierced by fate’s negligence

With grandeur and grandiloquence

But I still remember

The moments that broke my slumber

For like a diamond, I had my pride

Of being able to surpass every tremor and tide

But one torment thus came by

To strenuously erase that lie

And in that process, it melted the neutrons

Thereby bombarding my beats, with electrons

Then and there it got revealed

That I was much more like a window which was peeled

Into pieces, that could prickle

Any trespasser, like a rusted nickel

‘Shallow’ was what I thought I was left with

Till it snowed bizarrely that I felt a shiver beneath

The frost, that had me covered

Which when cleared, showered

And shined , as a blessing

For my petals to meet their silver lining

As a Rose now I roar

To every other trivial uproar

As non-trivially

Now I know

That No matter what comes by

A beautiful heart will always glow

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