A 2-minute date

For a week to 10

I couldn’t get a yes

From a girl, that I met

At her clinic, but to stress….

Is the part where she didn’t

Say no to the 10th note

Which spoke in my heart’s stead

“Would you please go out with me on a date”….

As it recurred to me

I reoccurred at the street

And shared the same with the one

To whom I lost my butterflies And A Beat….

At first she giggled

And then I did too to show cool

And then I proposed

“Would you go out for a 2 minute date like it’s High School”….

Finally she said yes

And with utmost haste

I whistled, to call in the coachman

To bring forth the horse drawn carriage….

We got in at once

For we were 5 seconds down

Only to find ourselves being served by strangers

Top Tequila from the farthest corner of the town….

The same peeps then performed

In vivid costumes, a play as we sipped tequila

Where once they played Romeo and Juliet

And at the the very next moment, Sebastian and Mia….

Then we rode

The next hundred centimetre

To find a table for two ready

With a waiter and the pre-planned appetizer….

As We took a quick bite

I waived at the waiter

And got our plates replaced

With her favourite dinner….

That I had cooked

Till it displayed a savoury attire

And seasoned, as well

Till it’s essence brought in a suave satire….

After slicing and biting

Twice or thrice

I glanced at the watch

To realise that minute and a half got sliced….

With a 30 in a hand

And in another, her hand

I tapped twice on the land

As a signal to bring forth the wonderland….

The Cotton rained, instead of snow

Yet in the white scenario

She twirled and swirled, flawlessly

As if the Snowhite had finally found her glee….

We danced in the middle

Of the street, as if it was ours

And it seemed an hour came to an end

When the second 12 came into power….

I leaned forward To bid her adieu

Instead she leaped first, and we kissed

And as I was about to say her a thing

She whispered “never let my fingers slip off your softly clasped fist”….

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