It was just another moment

It was just a scorching day

It was just that other time

When I came across April and May….

One recuperated the other

By letting it dwell in it’s shadow

While the other crowned itself with one’s beauty

Who enjoyed every graceful bow….

I followed May

And indirectly I followed both

Only to witness April pop out the mystical flies

Which bloomed into butterflies, as they were set afloat….

In air, to be the harbinger of joy

For those playing with their instruments

And for those who awaited for their lilies and tulips

To bloom past the sleep’s argument ….

Furthermore came the coloured confetti

And then the rabbits with their incisors

Not to bite, but to bring back to life

The night lovers and the lazy bears….

The whole neighborhood seemed enlightened

When all of a sudden, April burned herself into ashes

And painted the scenario with plausible 10 million colours

While May bid adieu, with tears clinging onto her lashes….

I noticed a thing or two

That she still had her flawless smile

Even after such an unprecedented departure

As if April’s rebirth was just delayed by a while….

And then that happened, as May blushed

The Ashes made their way into her palm

Where they aligned themselves respectively

Into a wing with one single arm….

At once the butterflies returned with all might

And busted themselves into the bubbles of May’s tears

Which bursted and brought in the serene Twilight

To brush of the day’s leftover sighs and sneers….

Amidst such a scenario

Like a Mario’s princess from the castle of sepia

May walked away with June In her arm

Thereby helping me to find in reality, a long lost Utopia….

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