Beats off my Stereo 

Would you mind to find in me 

For a while ‘Is it too late now to say Sorry’ theme…. 

I need you, and I don’t mind In saying 

That Without You it’s an incomplete Love Story, and I can keep singing…. 

Just don’t be my Runaway love 

For baby I’m a Bad Liar from toe to above…. 

When I say ‘ I hate you’ 

I know I mean ‘I love you’…. 

Even more than I could when you were my Crush 

Who’s 24k magic always got me to blush…. 

I couldn’t then, and I Can’t stop this feeling 

That I feel Everytime you touch me, it’s like a ceiling…. 

Being dropped down on me from a foot above my feet 

But What do you mean when you leave me to depict a feat…. 

That depicts me as a perished Starboy 

Walking Alone in search of love amidst the deads and decoys… 

Luckily it’s Just another dream as a Believer 

So Dont let me down, I don’t want to live forever…. 

Say you won’t let go this time 

Say you’d Love me like you do, irrespective of the chime 

Let’s get lost in the streets of Paris or Malibu 

Where there’s nothing holding me back from being with you…. 

So in the name of love, hold my hand 

For that should be me filling in those blank spaces, and to strand 

You Closer, for I’m Addicted to the Shape of you 

And I’ve been Starving for a long time  to be with my Passionfruit…. 

Now let’s Dance together on Despacito, for I know you’re scared to be lonely 

Coz I know that you too wanted to get back together, so honey…. 

Here I am on my knee, and there you’re in the Spotlight 

Please say, in the presence of these Fireflies,Will you be my deer in the headlight…. 

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