The Unique Blogger Award 

Ello there Friends 

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful time. 

I’m thankful to my sweet blogger friend Shayra who nominated me for this Award. She is a jolly-natured and kind hearted person and indeed she’s a beautiful blogger 

Do make some time and visit her blog 😊

The answers to the beautiful questions asked …. 

1)How you feel when you get appreciated here and from whom you receive  best feedback?

It’s always a pleasurable moment to have people in and around to applaud me for my verses, especially when the anonymity is at its best 😊

2)Your favourite travel destination?

Spain 😍😍😍😍

3)Which place gives you peace when you are disturbed ?

My birthplace, even though it’s much miles away; but the thought of being there does the magic in the first place 💖

4)What you like most in my blog?

🙈🙈🙈🙈…. It’s sensible and always…. awesome  💕

5)Share your blogging experience with us 

It’s been a year and I must say that the acquaintances that I’ve made on this platform are my favorite ones ( since I’m a proud introvert) 😍🍻

Thank you so much for being there for me with all your kindness and love 

I’m glad that with every Award, I can nominate all my fellow FRIENDS to answer certain questions 

But this time around and till the many more to come, I’d like to nominate aka tag All my followers for this award. The reason for this is simple: 

Who am I, without your love and support, to win this award. More than me it’s you who deserve this. 

So the questions for my lovely peeps are as follows 

1) What is it that you love about writing 

2) Other than writing, what is it that you love doing 

3) Pick Any place around the globe which is more like a wonderland 

4) Which colour defines you in the best way possible and why  

5) Ever had any defining moment? If yes, I’d like to hear more. If no, then share how you’d want it to happen, as in, a scenario 

5) Share the most beautiful moment of your life 

I hope each and everyone of my followers will participate in this and help me knowing all of you a little more better 

Stay happy and blessed💝💝

Love you all😘

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