Game of Thrones #2

With Joffery as the new King 

And Tyrion as the new Hand of the King…. 

The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros prepared to witness 

The Battle of the five Kings, with Joffery on top of the mess…. 

Followed by the Baratheon brothers Stannis and Renly 

And by the Kings of the North and Iron Islands across the sea…. 

The young wolf, though, kept winning the bloodshed battles 

And captured the King Slayer, before sailing his next moves in the bottles…. 

One, in the hands of Theon, to bring over some help from Balon Greyjoy 

And the other, in the hands of his beloved mother, to parley with Renly to maintain friendship with joy…. 

But Theon, along with other Greyjoys, conspired against Robb to take over Winterfell 

And Then the Greyjoys betrayed and shipped off Theon to House Bolton in exchange for clemency and safe Farewell…. 

Fortunately the young Stark boys absconded with the help of Osha and Hodor 

Marching towards the Wall where their brother had now taken shelter to minimize the furore…. 

Planned by his love interest Ygritte and the wildlings beyond the Wall 

In order to survive the awaited Winter’s Fall 

And just when it seemed that the things were about to work for Catelyn 

She, along with Renly’s guard, Brienne, had to witness Lady Melisandre’s black magic end the self proclaimed King Renly’s reign…. 

Back in Essos, Danaerys and her entourage 

Made their way in the City of Qarth…. 

Seeking mercenaries to reclaim the Iron Throne 

But instead found another trouble in the pyramidal zone…. 

While miles away, Arya, with Robert’s bastard son Gendry and someone named Hot Pie 

Commuted their way to Harrenhal in disguise…. 

Where she served Tywin as his cup bearer in spite of her despise…. 

But she escaped from there too, with the help of Jaqen H’ghar 

Who traded a coin phrasing ‘Valar Morghulis’, which she could use since his services for her were free of charge…. 

And with Brienne, Catelyn Stark dispatched Sire Jaime 

In return for her daughters’s safety amidst the dramatic fiesty…. 

Laid upon the lands which were now the graveyards for the many 

And in such chaos, Stannis marched with his ships to bury…. 

The Lannisters, and reclaim what he thought was his 

Since none of the Robert’s kids were legit…. 

The tide, though, didn’t turn into his favour 

As Tyrion and Tywin exploded as the special ingredients that tasted the Baratheon’s army defeat’s flavour…. 

Joffery, with gloating sigh, named Tywin as the new Hand of the King, and as well 

Declared his plans of marrying Renly’s wife, Lady Margery of House Tyrell…. 

Even the Young Wolf found his moon in Talisa Magyr 

Whose benevolent nature exaggerated her Sweetness and Swagger…. 

And he even tied the knot with her even after promising Lord Frey to marry one of his daughters 

But the Lady Stark feared, now that the King had broken his word, will he be over shadowed by the unfortunate curse…. 

**This is the Synopsis of Game Of Thrones Season 2 **


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