Game of Thrones #1

With a grey direwolf on a white field 

The House Stark stood with pride in Winterfell…. 

Where Eddard Stark was the Lord 

Who looked after the North for his friend in the south…. 

Robert Baratheon, with whom he defeated the Ferocious Targaryens 

To restore peace in the wrecked lands of seven kingdoms…. 

And one day it happened that the King of Westeros 

Came running down the North to applause…. 

And honour Ned as the Hand of the King 

After a conspiracy caused Jon Arryn to embrace the wing…. 

Hesitating at first, Ned agreed and along with his daughters Sansa and Arya, he left for the King’s Landing 

To uncover the secrets about Lannisters from it’s hiding…. 

But Bran, his youngest child, became the first one to dig out the most ferocious one of the many 

Which depicted the King’s guard Jaime as the paramour of the King’s Queen Cerci…. 

Bran did pay the price for his unexpected watch 

While Jon Snow,the bastard of Ned, left to pledge for the Night’s Watch …. 

And Leaving behind her son Rickon, to find the traitor 

Catelyn Stark, the lady of Winterfell, apprehended Tyrion Lannister…. 

The not so son of Tywin Lannister, who with chart and chalk 

Played his part from the Castle of Casterly Rock…. 

In the meanwhile, across the oceans, Daenerys Targaryen, along with her protector Jorah and dragon eggs 

Began her March with Khal Drogo to win her rightful throne made of swords and wedges…. 

And in the very while, Robert Baratheon, first of his kind, passed away 

Which forced Ned to dethrone the new King Joffrey, but to dismay…. 

He was betrayed by Varys and Lord Baelish 

Which raged the Young Wolf and Theon to free their Lord from the anguish…. 

But the new King, with some false charges of treason, executed Ned Stark 

Setting the fire of hatred and disgust in the seven kingdoms and it’s parts…. 

Arya, with the help of her dance teacher, escaped 

While Sansa, in the freedom of Joffrey’s captivity, stayed…. 

Back in Essos, Khal Drogo died 

Forcing Khalisi to use blood magic, which defied…. 

The expectations, And Instead, settled everything down in ruins and flames 

But in baby dragons, her hopes became the flames…. 

That would help the mother of dragons to win over Dragon stone 

And reclaim the very Iron Throne…. 

**This is the synopsis of the first season of Game Of Thrones **

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