Life Beneath A Blink 

Amidst Walking down the labyrinth 

Of sorrow, which was unmeasurable 

Life was sublime and pleasurable 

For you were the flint 

That kept my ventricle pumping 

Blood and belief 

To trace a slightest gambit of relief 

Which would lead to love and it’s hiding 

But since you left 

Love has been a lie 

And since then it has rained inside 

When it went unfelt 

Everytime it rained outside 

Where I still hinder in search of the warmth 

I had felt holding your arm 

When I was a lost puppy, and you were my starlight 

If every bit of me Could fill in 

To bring you back from time’s scars and scratches 

I’d at once burn myself to ashes 

To return the beats that you had filled in 

Deep beneath My heart

for whom Everyday is a battle 

That it has to fight against the brittle

Bitterness imparted by the art 

That I paint, Of a life

I wanted to live with you 

Which seemed possible before the anonymous dew 

Changed my life beneath a blink 

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