“Pull A Leg” Battle #3 

We are back with our 

Marvel vs DC 

‘Pull A Leg’ Battle 

Between the two Gods 

Wonder Woman vs Thor

To begin with, we have the gorgeous Wonder Woman 

“Hey Thor, the God of Thunder 

Or should I call you the Main cause of the All mighty blunder…. 

They say you’re from Asgard 

So you should probably model for Itch Guard…. 

For your Asgardian armor will make you sweat 

When the Sword of Athena will pierce right through it…. 

And don’t be scared by the wonders I’d put on for display 

Which may include using Mjolnir against you, to say…. 

And to say, like Batsy 

I don’t own a big Rouge gallery…. 

Coz when I’m done with them

I’m done being a merciless mayhem….  

What more should I say, you need a hammer to pour down the thunder 

All I’ve to do is to be at my glamorous best to make you surrender…. 

Upon everything, you’re such a scared Lil baby that you need Heimdall 

But you can surely visit me at the Paradise Island, even at nightfall…. 

For I did handle the Gods of Olympus single handedly 

That I’d be pleased in using the other to make you leave…. ”

That was quite spicy, as expected though. Let’s see what Thor has to say 

” Yes, you can call me Thor 

For unlike you, I love to end a war…. 

No wonder people love calling you Wonder Woman

But I wonder how you couldn’t smell the sarcasm in It, amen…. 

To cascade the lightening you need a shiny bracelet 

Dough,I’m a walking bolt hot enough to burn your glamorous facet…. 

Indeed you’re worthy enough to hold Mjolnir 

But what if I shrink you first and clasp in the bottle of elixir…. 

Plus I can commute with the light speed point zero 

That I can shatter you with your own lasso…. 

You feel pride for defeating a few God’s wall 

Well, for checks, I’m the one who put an end to the Ragnarok cycle once and for all…. 

Plus I’m the protector of all the nine realms 

And you live in one, so I bet that’s quite enough to overwhelm…. 

So just run your way back to the Island, right now 

before I bombard another pow 

That’ll make you lose your appetite 

As an aftermath of this forfeit…. ”
Ps: It’s just for fun. We love them equally and they are damn perfect in all senses. 


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