Good Morning Sunshine 

There you are busy mimicking Snorlax

Snoozing and dozing,just to relax….

Within the blanket you find your quantum of solace

Latched to your dreamworld like a well-tied shoe lace….

The bed is your kingdom and you’re the Sleeping Beauty

Listening to lullabies with Bunny,Lola and other looney tune cuties….

For your dream relishes the moonlight shining bright in the sky of dark fantasy

To which the reality cherishes the bright sunlight playing hide-n-seek  in ecstasy….

And still you choose to shut down the ringing-dancing alarm

But what can you do to the singing-chirping chicks of the farm….

So stop living the dream of an indolent character

Just wake up now to unfold your new chapter….

Where you are the protagonist,a beautiful symphonic line

With the grace and amorous nature of a well-preserved wine….

Now listen up to the nature whispering in the gleam of sunshine

“Good Morning,Good Morning,Good Morning….Dear Sunshine”

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