Fire And Ice 

For 4 years we’ve been together 

So let’s decide whether now or never…. 

To bind ourselves in love for eternity 

Or let go the way you did in the cafeteria’s vicinity…. 

From traversing Ups till autopsying Downs 

I tried hunting you down across all the towns…. 

That you lived in with different nouns 

But baby you ain’t safe out there amongst the lumberjacks and clowns…. 

I love you, and it’ll always be true 

No matter where you’ll run, I’ll hinder here and there to find you…. 

You threw me out of our house once, you slapped me in the public twice 

You can even go ahead and stab me in my heart thrice…. 

For what purpose shall it beat once you’re gone 

But I know you wouldn’t, like you didn’t when the things went wrong…. 

I might have shouted at you 

So yell at me rather than leaving me in due…. 

I know I deserve your middle finger 

But more than that I need your ring finger…. 

Because you’re my harbinger of joy and lust 

And it’s your love that keeps me robust….  

So pour some sugar on me, drown me deep in your heart 

Burn yourself in me, we’ll together tear the differences apart…. 

Take the chance and come back to me 

With pushes and punches, come dance with me…. 

We can fight to refuse and abuse each other from night to noon 

But you’ll always be the beauty to my beast, or To my wolverine, the moon…. 

We’re meant to screw each other from core to lattice 

We are nothing but Fire and Ice…. 


9 thoughts on “Fire And Ice 

      1. I share the same contents of my blog on the Millionaire Digest…. It’s a wonderful platform to spread your thoughts nearly to every corner of the earth 💕💝
        As for Awards, I’m free to participate in any of it 😊


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