Dreams And Dilemmas (Part 1) 

Life seemed beautiful 

and completely full…. 

But that is still an incomplete life 

If there’s nothing to strife…. 

Perhaps, in my case it was a dilemma 

To save either my love Estelle or our unborn Emma…. 

After multiple self strangulation moments

Along with depression filled nights and mental torments…. 

The day arrived 

When the red light got my senses expired…. 

The tempest proved to be at its best 

For no one could tell the difference between tears and sweat…. 

Yet with infatuations for hatred 

And the feeling that I was betrayed…. 

I remarked ” Thy Jesus 

There ain’t any thesis or thesaurus…. 

That states an innocent 

Whether unborn or living, to face it’s decent…. 

Especially when the plot 

Depicts mother earth being deprived of the harbingers of love in lots”…. 

And in extreme exhaustion 

I lost my eyesight to the mental imbalance…. 

When I woke up 

All I could hear was a baby crying in the field of buttercup…. 

It was in pain 

Probably dying due to the buttercup’s bane…. 

For a moment my disgust and disdain 

Forced me to waddle away from the terrain…. 

I bursted into tears 

Realising the fact that I couldn’t save my very own dear…. 

So thinking of her sacrifice to save our symbol of love 

I tried paving my way to save the screeching dove…. 

But the field tricked me 

As it’s thorns pricked me…. 

Inducing poison up my nerve 

Which Languored my soul, but the thought of the beautiful curve…. 

On that baby’s face enthralled 

My broken heart to feel a beat, so I hauled…. 

Forward to encapsulate the little soul in my arms 

That moment became priceless as the dove giggled to entwine me in it’s charm…. 

I retraced my path, only to find a boat 

Which could ferry only one to safety, that made me gloat…. 

So I comforted the baby onto it 

And helped it sail till the midway, before surfeit…. 

In the form of darkness drowned me to my demise 

Yet there was this unfelt glee in XXL size…. 

I thought I had died 

But I was back outside the block where I had lost my sight…. 

Finally the red light was off the sceptre 

And gathering all the courage I could, I dragged myself to unfold the awaiting chapter…. 

…. To be continued in Dreams And Dilemmas Part 2.


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