“Pull a leg” Battle #2

We are back again with our

Marvel vs DC “Pull A Leg” Battle #2

Where we have two brilliant scientists from their respective universe 

Barry Allen and Peter Parker 


The Flash vs Spiderman 

To begin with, first we have The Flash 

“Hey spidy, how are you man 

Oh sorry, behind that mask you could be a woman 

Let’s cut the crap, for you get people killed, your tactics are lame 

What’s the matter, are you feeling bad, you want to fly your way back to Mary Jane? 

You were bit by a spider, I was struck by a lightening  

Yet it was you who redefined frightening 

While we can trace my progress via polygraphs

I bet you can explain your regress with those photographs 

I’m faster than you, I’m smarter than you 

I can even redo the time that gave you 

Those powers, which you use to fight then and then 

But what’s the point in having them, if you couldn’t even save your Uncle Ben 

Along with common sense, you have the spider sense 

And still you end up doing ultimate non sense

Fighting against my own kind 

Reminds me of how you let that venom rule your mind 

Upon that you are a scientist, and you’re damn good, but you see 

Your being good justifies the fact that I’ll always be the better version that you couldn’t ever be ”

That was something. Let’s see what our Spiderman has to say 

” That was really good, flash 

But you see I don’t have a penny to appreciate, neither cash 

But wait,with words, I’ll try my best

To help you run at the light’s speed to your beloved West 

Yes I was bit by a venomous spider, but from the very next day I was up for the uncalled duty 

You were struck by a lightening and yet unintentionally preferred napping for 9 months like the Sleeping Beauty 

About progress, yes you have that edge with the team you had 

But you see my photographs had me depicted not good, but bad 

For it helped me to take care of my Aunt May 

Unlike all the attempts that you made to free your dad, only to end up with dismay 

Oh yes you’re fast, so let me slowly extract an archive 

Which says it was you who created Flash point which contrastly ruined many lives 

So this act of yours, wasn’t it non sense 

Oh wait, it was the Ultimate nuisance 

Finally speaking of venom, yes it did rule my mind 

But I fought back valiantly, unlike you who chose to be blind 

And retreat into the speed force to save many lives, though it was a good decision 

So don’t worry if you’ll ever need a big belly burger, I’ll get it to your via my smartness and precision ”
Ps: it’s just for fun. Both the characters are damn perfect and I love them both, equally. 

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