Hold my hand 

I’ve known very less of fears and Tears…. 

Coz you were there for me 

Before I could pull out my hood or handkerchief…. 

You taught me to ride a bicycle 

You taught me to fight the bullies without a rifle 

You always made time out of your busy schedule 

So that I could learn to walk and run without any fuel 

I still remember when I was a kid 

You used to hold my hand while crossing the zebra field…. 

And even now you do the same 

Though I’ve grown strong enough to avoid being lame….. 

I’ve seen you longing for perfect time 

To fulfill your dreams and fly sky high with the wings….  

Instead you used that time

Decorating me with the sense of fulfilment of my dreams and Baloney things….  

From 00.00 of Greenwich Mean Time 

Till the 23 dot Fifty nine….  

You work for a beautiful life 

Not for yourself, but for your kids and wife…. 

You even preferred your pockets empty 

Yet you filled mine with some delicacies and a spare fifty….  

Thinking of all the times when you held me in your aching humerus 

To rush for the hospital, makes me humorous…. 

Of why you got my scratch checked 

And left your bruising arm unchecked….

There’s nothing I can do to repay this debt 

Neither will I be able to love you the way you loved me without whispering an alphabet 

Nor will I be able to build a wonderland 

Just like you built one for me, but I promise I’ll never let go of your hand…. 


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