Pull A Leg~Battle #1 

Presenting to one and all 

Marvel vs DC ‘Pull A Leg’ Battle 

Between the two richies 

Batman vs Iron Man

First we have is…. BATMAN

“I love playing with the criminals of Gotham 

But ain’t you that one who loves smelling bottom 

No doubt you are rich

But where’s the fun, you were ditched 

By your love, For Your love 

of flight, in a suit made of metal 

Yet some screw you pretty hard, from Asgard to Seattle 

Speaking of Asgard, I can say that I made a God bleed 

For feeds,

You couldn’t even catch that stupid 

mischievous cupid 

Plus I built the whole Justice League 

What did you do, brought civil war just for some unjust decree 

And I’ve heard, 

That you’re some sort of nerd 

Whose battles scare him in dreams To death

Only to be left alone, sleepless on the bed 

So why don’t you come and hide in my batcave 

We’d have some scotch and I’ll teach you to be brave…. ”

Oooohhh….. Let’s see what Iron Man has to say for this 

” Scotch, perhaps may help you to shed some tear 

For all your losses to Catwoman, oh dear

Did I just say that, and believe me, that’s the same 

That you’re famous for, Just like I’m for my name

Atleast people know that I’m behind the metal 

Unlike you, who keeps counting petals

You tried to pull up the Loki incident 

But tell me How should I put up the Joker accident 

Plus the Justice League, oh my, how should I preach 

That avengers will always be way out of your reach

And you might just have mastered nearly all types of martial arts 

Given time, even I’ll be the best bet in the cart 

But Jarvis is something 

That will always bring you back to square zero plus nothing 

So why don’t you come by the stark tower 

And meet the real Richie and his power…. ”
Ps: it’s just for fun. Both the characters are damn perfect and I love them both, equally. 


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