For the one you love 

How would you react to the thought 

That no matter how hard you’d try, your love will be lost…. 

More precisely, taken away from you 

Just when it seemed that the things to worry were very few…. 

It would be the same love who caressed you 

When fate had ripped you with lightning blue…. 

The very one who stood by your side 

And stood in front, for you to hide…. 

From the light that reminded you of the misery 

That you’ve been going through the courtesy of time’s decree…. 

And when you’d realise that you won’t be that fast 

Nor smart, that you should be to avoid being the last…. 

In a race with self’s demon

Who’s all set to let you rot in a forlon’s Beacon…. 

With the leftovers of your broken and diffident soul 

Just to be a God in the form of an unstable wormhole…. 

So till what extent will you try 

To save your love from the time’s lie…. 

With what will you fill your heart 

Knowing that, if you’d fail, your world will fall apart…. 


7 thoughts on “For the one you love 

    1. Thank you so much 😍💖
      And I agree with you. It’s true. I do stretch them, but mostly it’s to maintain proper detailing and as you said, balance 😊💕
      I wish you’d visit here more often and hit me with such feedbacks. I’d totally like it 😊💖

      Liked by 1 person

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