A Letter to the Loved Ones 

Dear parents 

The whole nation was up for the examination 

So was your child, out there in the wild 

Skipping daylight, studying all night 

My tired soul tried, especially when it was dried and deprived 

Of Joy and enthusiasm, when the expectation of 95, at first, smelled to me as sarcasm 

But you were serious, and that made me obnoxious 

At the end of the day, I don’t know how to say 

But the numbers jumbled and the words fumbled 

I couldn’t hold on to the mess, so out of sickness 

I poured the same on the paper, and got myself a sweaty dapper 

But believe me, I’ve tried my best to expect a better forsee 

I swear it, on my dumb tushi and my favourite dish, sushi 

Yet things may not turn out, for even the God of Cricket has had his ‘on 99’ runout 

Maybe I’d end up with 60 or 70, maybe with a decent 50 

And maybe I’d be more badly broken, but I’d still hold on to the token 

Of hope that you won’t let me fall, like you didn’t when I was about to fall 

Off my bicycle as a kid, for I believe I’ll always be your kid 

So no matter what would be the result, I promise to do better 

Tomorrow, Today and till that one day 

When I’ll shine the brightest amidst the crowd, and make you proud 

Your Beloved Child 


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