Days of their lives 

236 episodes, 10 seasons 

Showered upon me, not one, but many reasons…. 

To cherish the friendship aka bromance 

Between Chandler – Joey, oka Perry – Le Blanc…. 

It all stated, well thanks to Mr Heckles 

For brushing away Eric and making way for Joey plus his bagels…. 

From assuming Chandler to be gay, till introducing him to baywatch 

They found a lot in common, especially beer and scotch…. 

While one taught the other a stress free way of living 

The other helped the one with his expenses and living…. 

Amongst themselves, they had many adventures 

Like losing Ben on a bus or Joey’s unusual addiction for women’s purse…. 

Not to forget is the way they were accompanied 

By the chick and the duck while they were robbed & ruined…. 

Tough time came along with the success of Dr Drake Ramoray 

Which led to the Joey’s move out towards his new way …. 

I guess that was quite necessary 

For perfect exposure of how Joey was the much needed cheery…. 

To the sweet pie that Chandler was 

And how he stood a Lil above Monica, Rachel, Phoebe and Ross…. 

How sweet it was when it wasn’t Baloney 

The fact that Chandler and Monica decided to have a room for Joey…. 

It bloomed more sweeter the way he put forth his denial 

Of giving away Joey to Ross, referring Joey as his juvenile…. 

From fighting side by side till playing against each other in fives 

The friendship of Chandler and Joey will always live in my ‘Days of their lives’…. 


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