Words & Wishes 

I had this dream, where we weren’t fighting

Nor arguing, just living another dream….

Where you were caged among-st the delusions

Which could only be broken if our hearts were one

For all I had to do was to listen to the words that were small

And make a sweeter&spectacular wish that would break the wall

So the game begun and the veil shouted “Care”

To which I closed my eyes and thought of a teddy bear….

And murmured something that forced the walls to embrace cracks

“Sweet” said the frustrated one standing right behind my back….

Back to back I went down through the maze of my memory

For what I saw was seen even by the misery ….

Even it felt nostalgic and free from itself

Which forced the veil to break another crack on the wall by himself….

“Anger”,and with impassive look,it felt it’s impromptu win

For what wish there could be to a word prompting a sin….

Noxious feeling started to settle down

To which I felt succumbed as a moron….

Everything started to turn Deep & Dark, as I was failing 

But sweet&splutter did find me a way of recalling….

The veil was shocked&supined to what I recalled

As he was left with his last word to fend&defend what he had walled….

“Love”,said the veil in surreal&surfeit exhaustion

For it was my turn to break the last illusion….

And finally I felt my heartbeat outside the inanimated reverie

As if I never felt so relieved and happy….

“What did just happen coz I didn’t even say a word”

But I was relieved that I was able to save you in that another world….

“Care, Sweet, Anger and Love ” I said with pride

“Saved us from the lousy tide”….

“Why do you worry so much when I’m here

To erase all your fears ” insinuated my beautiful dear….

“For I wish to take care of you till infinity

For I wish to be your sweet&sumptuous beauty….

For I wish to wash away your anger till unity 

For I want to love you till the end of the universe’s vicinity”….

By saying so you left me there all alone

But the wishes I had made in that world had went unheard, even by my very tone….

When will I find a perfect justification to this is a mystery

But there’s nothing to worry since our hearts are the best example to symmetry….


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