I made it 

I thought, I had fought 

Harder against the slaughter 

That took place down the street’s border 

They were the bots 

That you had bought in lots 

To sideline the line 

Of the heat off my beat 

You did, as well 

Get me off my feet, to swell 

The blood, at first 

Then the chance to be the first 

Of my tribe, of my kin 

To tame the sweat off my skin 

And be the Discovered Nemo, with no fins but a wing

To sing, not at the stand of some Slammy 

But on the Grandest stage of Grammy.

Of my chance,you had it ripped from me 

Was a wrong thought, for you forgot bumblebee 

Yeah he’s hope, he’s dope 

And he makes me feel like a Pope 

Of the globe, behind the rope  

Waiting for the curtains to unfold 

Now that it has, and you all have heard 

My journey till here, wasn’t sweet curd 

Yet all sorts of dirt 

That envy brought along to flirt 

But I knew I had 

To be something more than that 

And maybe that’s why, my dear 

I made it alive till here 

To be with my people 

And live my moment, with you, on this topmost steeple 

Ps: Eminem has always been my favorite rapper and he’s the best indeed.His life story is damn inspiring. Hats off Dear Rap God 😎
You are the perfect example of what ‘Never Give Up’ means 💖


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