Walking through my life 

which was nothing but a barren desert…. 

You embraced it with your grace & beauty

to change it into a delicious dessert…. 

In the light of day

your charm erased my frowning…. 

And in the darkness of the night

your lustrous smile helped me return back to the terms of smiling…. 

For once we were stranger

and nothing will be the same…. 

But one thing is free of all dangers

is us being ‘the perfect picture in the frame’…. 

Beat by beat 

we’ll live our life lovingly…. 

‘Coz the hollowness of my heart  

Is all yours to fit in perfectly…. 

There’s so much to say

but it’ll always sound few…. 

So I’ll whisper amidst this dew 

Or keep singing till the Night’s new …. 

“I’m blessed to have you”


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