Double Delighted Love 

Weaky Weaky was my heart 

There it was,tearing apart ….

Slowly Slowly in my life

You walked in,Bright Starlight ….

Cozy Cozy were your grooves

Left me all tight,high with booze ….

Cheeky Cheeky was your humour

Swept all away,tense and gloomer ….

Glossy Glossy was your style

Which forced me to embrace the smile ….

Smoky Smoky was your love

To which I bloomed up,like a mistletoe…. 

Coy Coy like the wine

Just know this, I’m yours and you’re mine…. 




6 thoughts on “Double Delighted Love 

    1. Thanks for the compliment buddy 😅😍🙈
      I believe love is everywhere, in everyone, in every smile, in every tear, just like it is in your compliment. 💖😘
      All one has to do is believe that it is there and let it pass through the heart…. It makes itself felt 😍😍

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