I πŸ’– MomΒ 

One day, I’ll let the world know 

That Angels do exist, for one raised this crippled dove…. 

Even after nearly being on the verge 

Of losing her Stardust for me, who was submerged…. 

In her, for nearly 9 months 

Causing undesired labour pain in tonnes…. 

Science says I’m made of blood and bones 

But what gives me strength today to say ‘I’…. 

Is because of what you chose to go through 

And it would be a mere lie 

To say you hadn’t seen the bits 

Of the EXIT…. 

Door; yet you are here 

Just like before…. 

To save me from drowning into the abhorrent tunes of fever 

For you, the hour never mattered the most, though it was clear…. 

You silently used to bear the agony of dark circles and dreaded feet 

Only to keep warm my threaded beat…. 

Since then, I grew up a Lil young, and you grew up a Lil old

But your soul still shines brighter than the 24k gold…. 

And believe me, your smile still cuddles 

My lost mind, to find it’s way through the hurdles…. 

The delicacies and the din-din that you bake erases 

The nubs of Bitter, to spread the bonbon of molasses…. 

Your prayers still defy The Almighty 

To help me pass through his colourless life-tests politely…. 

So no matter how distant I’ll be in near future

I’ll find my way around…. 

To my loving home, to you

Because, Dear Mother, I’ll always love you…. 


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