Meryl-Sacred to Scare 👻

“What did I do to you” shouted my intimidated tears

That you ruined me and my very dears….

Hiding among-st the darkness, you played your game

And made my beloveds unequivocal to blame….

Each other for the crisis that was staged

To force them to feel that their lives were upstaged….

And all those times when you made us bleed

I guess that helped your scars to get healed….

One by one you stole our souls

And made our existence like the dead sea scrolls….

Such a cute character you seemed,Dear Meryl

For I was too blind and numb to feel the peril….

Disguised in the well stiched glittering frock

And amidst the sparkling smile craved on the clay-rock….

Now you sit infront of me with the same smile

To play again the same witty wile….

Amusingly my last breath is nearer to near

So I guess you’ll be leaving me to flirt with the fear….

Of someone else that you’ll find

So readers pray that you are not ‘THE ONE’ on her mind….



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