Possible life behind the scene…. 

The quarrel with yesterday 

and with the world, to survive Today…. 

Serves as a reason to me, why little by little 

You try to belittle…. 

The red and black fade

that has latched on to you as unwanted slick….

You try your best With the help of the pink shade 

On your Cupid’s Bow via lipstick…. 

Then there are these tears too 

And you hide them well…. 

Beneath the long lasting Eye primer

And liquid eyeliner as well…. 

Deep down 

You try to slay the marks and struggles…. 

But the proof for it appears on the surface 

For you look no less than a cherry blossom, all thanks to Rouge ripples…. 

With lavender kissed smile, you try to hide your fear and exhaustion 

Of how you’d fair tomorrow’s dimension …. 

But There’s this belief, that there you’d be 

Strong and robust, to build a beautiful forsee…. 

Where you’d no longer need the brushes to do the magic 

And you’d be free to hold a smile than a thought full of tragic…. 

There’s more to believe, that you’d be the same insane 

That I had fallen for at the very first sight…. 

With whom I’d be able to play and live again

A Lil love and a Lil delight…. 



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