If love could win…. 

I’d love to imagine

Our lives if love Could win …. 

A second, a minute 

An hour ago…. 

Instead of spectating 

Love go 1-on-1 against ego…. 

What we could have done 

Is quite to think…. 

But I guess it would have begun 

With us and our act of quiet counting….

Of the tears shed in extreme exposure 

Of your charming smile and closure…. 

Then I would tickle 

Down the locus of your smooth belly…. 

Do forgive me 

For setting free the butterflies in a hurry…. 

It’s only to widen the curve on your lips 

Where lies the true value of billions of halfpenny…. 

Slowly and slowly, my fingertips will linger 

Up towards your glowing face…. 

To wipe up the leftover dew drops 

And spread the blush amidst the haze…. 

I’d hold your cheeks, my dear 

And lean close to your right ear…. 

Whispering mellifluously what’s meant for ever 

“No fight could ever split Us into You and I, never ever “…. 


11 thoughts on “If love could win…. 

  1. OMG!!!
    I just adore the way you wrote it!❤It was so so lovely😍. Your imagination and the way you penned it were so amazing! Loved it! And for sure would love read more of it😍❤

    Liked by 1 person

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