Thank you 

Never did I thought, Today 

After 12 good years, Would be the day 

When I’d actually fade away…. 

Into the black 

That I was trapped 

By an incident, A year ago, perhaps…. 

Before this moment decays 

Me and my leftover days 

I’d like to cherish the ways…. 

In which you painted 

A painter’s tainted 

Life, not with the brushes that had fainted…. 

But with every sniff 

To walk a path, with every varying whiff 

Of air, to speak, as if…. 

A friend would 

Do, everything that he or she could. 

Feasibly, you did better than good…. 

Especially then 

When the odds from 0 to 10 

Weren’t in your favour, for you were seven…. 

Weeks old, when I had brought you home thinking you were cute 

Whose howlings were mellifluous like the tunes of a flute…. 

But now you lie here, totally mute…. 

To describe all the joy you bestowed upon me, Words would come up a few 

That too amidst your autoimmune curfew 

Still I’d like to say, though it would be quite less, “Thank You”…. 


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