The awaited moment 💖

If one day you’d ask me what I feel

About the bond we have shared till now

I, in my all senses, would partially shy

With a smile I used to find

Everytime you used to find yours….

But before I’d answer, I believe

And even you would, if you could

See what I see within your chocolate tainted body

That it would be rightfully wrong to not kneel

Before revealing what was kept hidden

Beneath my eyes, inside my heart….

” You wouldn’t have seen the Meaner side of me

Maybe by time, I lost it somewhere in between

The beautiful soul that you thought me to be

And what I had always wanted to see in me.

I’d fail, even my words would in the most possible way

Still there’s this thing, maybe the only thing

Left for me to do, and that’s all I want to do

For now, and for the rest of the six lives

To bring the fleet of moons at your feet

Just like this precious one waiting to fit in

Perfectly in your Dear Digitus Annularis

For when paths were rough, you had blessed me with bliss

So no matter how tough the time would be ahead

Rather than thinking how we’d fair, instead

I swear by this red kiss on your forehead

I’ll be there for you

I’ll be there with you…. ”


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