Reverie Routine 😍

Dimmed by the hectic routine 

I lay low on my bed… 

But there’s this awaiting reverie routine 

That the magic box plays as said…. 

First of all, there are these Impractical Jokers

With some hilarious and amusing com….

Which acts as the perfect opening 

To F.R. I. E. N. D. S , a classical romcom…. 

There ain’t any Chilled beer 

Ain’t there any grilled chicken…. 

Yet there’s this spice in Big bang theory 

And In master chef’s kitchen…. 

Then comes the Game of Thrones 

Which Chills even the soul behind the thread… 

As pepper served ‘How I Met Your mother’

While surviving Amongst The Walking dead…. 

Even after the day’s sickness

I’m all high to smash the sad…. 

All thanks to the quirky Narcos 

And the famous Breaking Bad…. 

When surround sound sound’s like flash 

When the bass becomes Swift like arrow…. 

There comes a different feeling slash 

An emotional outburst, like watching sherlock and Simpsons in a row…. 

Sleep becomes less meaningful

The routine reach its last phase…. 

Life seems to be more beautiful 

Knowing tomorrow’s night is gonna be the same phrase…. 


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