The other half…. 😇

Would you feel alone 

And when you’ll feel alone…. 

Just get outside along 

With your heart, to hear me sing a song…. 

“I got your back, I’ll get your forth 

I’ll stand by your side in prison and Fort…. 

I’ll drink up your tears 

I’ll swallow your fears…. 

I’ll multiply your smiles 

By a factor that couldn’t be measured even in million whiles…. 

I’ll fall when you’ll fall 

I’ll even stay awake in nightfall…. 

To make you feel the warmth of enrapture 

Of being a Princess in the dreamy curvature….

And when the sun will rise 

To rupture your illusions and lies…. 

I’ll hold your feet 

To save you from the promptuous downfall and retreat…. 

After reaching a certain mental balance…. 

We’ll dance the way Timon and Pumba used to, even in the worst imbalance…. 

I promise to travel with you till your end 

And be the last blood and breath in your final descend…. 


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