My friend is…. 😍

Good old days when we met as kids

You and me, totally shabby and quite stupids….

Fought a while,played with a smile

Only to end up like two idiots with classy style….

18 years and still so strong

‘Brothers of unlike blood’, None could prove this fact wrong….

From a cute lad to this dashing looks plus Double XL size

I wish you’ll have a life,healthy,wealthy and wise….

From that mischievous villain to a less mannered hero

I wish you’ll have worries nearly equal to zero….

From that dwarf sized person to this stature that holds might

I wish you’ll reach success that lies beyond any measurable height….

Like Scooby&Shaggy our lives will always fit in the mystery van

No matter how worse the situation would be,you’ll always be my best friend,you’ll always be my Superman….



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