Nashik Diaries πŸ’–

Approximately at 12 O Eight

We did put an end to the ‘Midnight Moment In College’ wait….

From A to B, till the professors in charge

Everyone played a part in the immobile ‘Chai Chai’ march….

When the buses arrived, silence came out of it’s dugout

Only to disappear again amidst the famous ‘Ganapati Bappa Morya’ shout….

The wheels began rolling down their way to Nashik

While we sang and danced over some all time favorite classics….

By 4 we reached our final stop

And left the block right at 7 o’clock….

For Mahindra&Mahindra and the other industries

It was surely one hell of a ride, with much fun and no miseries….

Next on board was something more crazy

It was the khandoba Tekadi where everyone posed for the paparazzi….

Back at our place, we waited for the customized dinner

What followed next is the one, I fear….

Should remain a secret. Yet I’d say

Hear it for one last time before burying them in your heart’s Bay….

Up the floor was the ‘No holds barred’ Dare game

Which included acts that one would term lame….

And the same was happening down the floor

Where everyone was busy screwing other’s snore….

By pillows, of course, that too under Pitbull’s rhythm

Even the siren’s noise couldn’t stop the mayhem….

Him or Her didn’t matter the most

For 5 it was when everyone forfeited to doze….

The morning came by

And went by in the same manner,bidding Goodbye….

By Noon, we were already at Sula Wines

For the first time at an entry spot, we had formed a straight line….

Amorous and lustrous it was, as expected

Even we followed the rule of ‘No Testing’, as said

But while leaving, the presence of bags in the empty hands

Spoke of a different story, sailing across the Sula’s strands….

Finally the last page was scripted and stored in all possible memories

For when one Would recall them in near future, it will begin as Nashik Diaries….

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