You & I 

Down the road, up the hill…. 

It’s a long way,an unmeasurable Broadway….

As kiddos we posed for the paparazzi with our hands on the shoulder…. 

Now we adore those images that lie down the folder….

On each other we laughed…. 

With each other we played….

We cherish these memories at sight…. 

To live them again with all might….

When did we meet last time…. 

Or when will we meet for the last time….

‘Was & Is’…. 

An unplanned bliss….

For I’m yours and you’re mine…. 

And our relationship is like the endpoints of a line….

Just remember that your absence and presence…. 

Both makes sense….

‌So Once and for all…. 

To count till the end…. 

You’ll always be my friend….

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