Unexpected Reunion 👻

They said she still lives here 

But how could it be if I was right there…. 

With my wife, When she was cremated 

Yesterday, but only a year ago, if correctly dated…. 

So I ignored all their cries 

And moved in peacefully to revise…. 

Part of my life that I had left behind 

To obliterate the one who ruled my mind…. 

With cookies at 7-07 

And that special nookie on every weekend’s dot 11…. 

With no issues ,that too 24/7

She made me feel like I’m in real heaven…

Things like curd 

Got absurd…. 

When fate played it’s part 

And separated us with disregard…. 

I’m back here, all alone with crisis 

And in this full moon’s time, I fell prey to sleep psychosis…. 

It was beautiful 

Warm and wonderful…. 

For in the supined posture that I was 

I could feel someone’s palm across…. 

One over my dried eyes

The other dancing with it’s fingerfries…. 

I tried to oppose 

But I couldn’t, I suppose…. 

Not because it was what I had felt before

But due to the fact that something was holding me down to floor…. 

While I could think of that 

I saw her looking right at…. 

Me, with more malevolent gaze and less glee 

Just the opposite of what it used to be…. 

And suddenly I realized we were imitating 

Our usual weekend’s intimidated routine…. 

It felt just the way it used to be then 

Only the warmth was dropping by one point ten …. 

‘Aaahhh’….I exclaimed 

And fell asleep, with the feeling of being inflamed…. 

At my wake 

I thought it was only a dream, for God’s sake…. 

And I was happy, for it felt real 

When I met her, even though it was surreal…. 

But There’s still this issue 

Why are these khaki coloured people investigating the dead tissue…. 

Of someone who intruded my house, I guess

I’m asking, I’m begging “who that is”…. 

But why is everyone ignoring me like this 

To which I decide to find out by self, now dreads me more or less…. 

How could we both,at the very instance 

Share a single name along with complete resemblance…. 



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