Mine πŸ’–

What were my eyes searching amidst the crowd

As if they were crying out too loud ….

“Where are you,Oh my dear,Where are you “

For even in the presence of the beautiful 24 companions, ‘I’ felt alone without ‘U’….

But the moment of gloom suddenly got wiped among-st a soft lil rain drop

‘Coz there she was glowing in her fluffy red top ….

My beats went numb to feel the soothing pace

Of the air that felt shy by her dimple delighted face ….

Even the time blushed along with me

As it counted the drop in my breathing tally ….

And probably this was the very first time

‘?’ and ‘!’ sang the very same rhyme ….

“Who is she, with that slimy&silly belly”

“Who is she, with that light&bright smile …. “

With every each busy to preach “who is she”

“She’s mine”, whispered my heart within me ….


5 thoughts on “Mine πŸ’–

      1. If what’s deserted from your life is the very foundation, then believe me, you haven’t even started yet πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‰….
        Something beautiful would happen to you very soon which would lead to the actual foundation of everything that’s lost away πŸ’–

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