Hey guys
I hope everyone’s having a good time 😊
Here’s a blog written by my friend on a very important topic- Stereotypes πŸ’–
I’d like to request one and all to read it once and appreciate the efforts of this wonderful writer πŸ˜πŸ’–


Everyday when I step out of my house, there is a constant fear of being judged by the people around me. The way people look is quite disturbing.

All thanks to our society that we live in,where the mindset of people is so fixed that they don’t wanna change it. Their mind is full of rut and old thinking . Sometimes they play the perfect role of stereotypes.

There are perfect rules that need to be followed like girls are not allowed to wear short dresses and if they wear then there’s a big question mark on their character. Does someone’s way of dressing defines their character?
Well if that’s the case then boys should also not wear shorts! Because it’ll make them characterless.

We all have a very big heart. We accept foreigners whole heartedly in our country but sadly that’s not the case with the people(especially girls) of…

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