Man v/s God 

In the large DC universe 

There lied this unique verse…. 

‘What if one day, insanity 

Would turn the God against humanity…. 

When extinction wouldn’t be just a word 

But a prophecy Brought to life by his mockingbird ‘…. 

And in Superman, it came 

All the way flying, only to find love in Lois Lane…. 

But after the catastrophic kryptonian battle 

Fought valiantly from metropolis to Seattle…. 

Left a controversy behind 

Ringing the famous verse in the mind…. 

Of the Batman, the very first vigilante 

Also known as the Son of Gotham, but obviously…. 

He Fought all alone, and he did lose 

But when kryptonite came by his way, he did set loose…. 

Not just tears, but heavy blood drops 

To say, from the mighty Superman’s body, with all props…. 

With the God at his feet, he proved his point 

That even Mankind can be strong enough when held at gunpoint…. 

Then came the dawn along with the truth 

About the trap made by Luther to burn them in their own ruth…. 

From against to together 

They erased Zod once and for ever…. 

Justice found it’s place 

Unfortunately Superman got swept in sleep’s airspace…. 

But then again 

How could one explain…. 

A God’s hibernation 

When the soil around his coffin defined levitation…. 

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