Chocolate Tide 😍

There I was near the coast

With my buddies to raise a toast….

To the meet we had in a long,long while

To the journey unraveled beneath the mile….

The reunion which seemed sweet,sweet,sweet

Bloomed more sweeter with the unexpected chocolaty retreat….

For we were hit by the dark brown tide

And accompanied by the sea creatures on our side….

Cute dolphins,scary sharks and the whole sea world seemed completely chocolatized 

So were the amorous mermaids which left us totally mesmerized….

Together we danced under the falls of caramel

Together we dined in the candy park called hell….

The day went by and the night took it’s place 

And the sweet moon came by with full pace…. 

Along with him came the milky million stars

On which we flied to a planet called Mars….

Then we camped around the burning chocolate lava

And slept under the light of the lustrous nova….

Suddenly the lava swept us all away

And in fear I found myself to say….

It was a dream, it was a dream

Amidst the beautiful chocolaty cream…. 

For I laid awake with my eyes wide 

Waiting eagerly to be hit again by the chocolate tide….


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