Am I a Plutonian? 

After Day One, two, three and four 

I Thought today would make some difference to before…. 

Yet again 

It’s one and all the same….

But yes, there’s this growth 

In The distance they maintained at the most….

No I’d say 

with total dismay…. 

If you’d think of it as infinitesimal 

Rather imagine infinity before decimal…. 

With no hesitation and despise 

Try Hearing the cruel tantalise…. 

Maybe you’d have heard them 

And if you had, then this mayhem…. 

Caused inside my brain 

Wouldn’t be a stranger to you. Insane…. 

Is what They call me, I wonder why

Maybe because I speak to myself, and to the sky…. 

With Headphones on my auricle 

I walk alone, but I’m still that article…. 

That they stare with their weird look 

And amusingly laugh aloud by hook or crook…. 

Is there something wrong with me 

Am I Plutonian that they ignore my plea 

To consider me one amongst them 

Not as a stranger, but simply as a friend…. 

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