There’s never a goodbye 

Why can’t I forget our first meet 

Why can’t I forget our last tweet….

They weren’t the same,I’ll agree

For nothing’s too painful when there’s nothing to disagree ….

For the foremost left me in bliss

And the latter to miss ….

With the floating memories in my mind

Surrounding my heart to make it blind ….

‘Coz it makes me feel your presence in array

To which the reality shouts of your absence in dismay ….

Once there was this time

who lived and laughed with us on so and so things ….

Now the time cries along with me

to watch you go and go on wings ….

Now,then and for ever

we’ll be more than friends ….

So for you new life

here’s a wish I wanted to send ….

There wasn’t even a pefect hie

and I guess that made us unity ….

So let there never be a goodbye

even if the blood bleeds at infinity….


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