The Unborn Speaks !!Β 

9 months, they say it’ll take 

For me to become a lively snowflake…. 

Made from your flesh and blood 

Just like an effigy made of mud…. 

Your Love, I know, gives me life 

For which, you should know, I strive …. 

Every second, every hour 

I let you know the same by flying off your belly’s flower…. 

Your blush is what I love to feel 

With every little precaution, you make my life a big deal 

Then why do you wish to abort and abandon 

Me, into a dark and barren…. 

World, which I suppose 

Passes through death in it’s due course…. 

Am I this disgusting

That you’re still thinking…. 

To be or not to be 

The one amongst the many…. 

To let go yourself 

In form of a Lil soul that dwells…. 

In warmth of your tummy 

Which would one day grow up to call you Mummy…. 


22 thoughts on “The Unborn Speaks !!Β 

  1. This is fantastic! I love seeing people stand up for what they believe in, especially when it is a child’s life. I’ve been thinking about writing a poem based on the time when my son was unborn and many care providers tried to force me into an abortion. I told them where to stick their speculum, you can be sure.

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