The Earth and it’s Moon 

In the dark space, they live together 

With fixed space in between, they are bound to each other…. 

For one is the earth, and the other is it’s very moon 

Applauding each other from night to noon…. 

While the earth says ” You’re the mighty moon, the one and only 

Who wipes away the darkness to save the helpless and lonely…. 

The one who acts as my prejudicial pride and prideful prejudice 

The one who sings the beautiful Symphonies with it’s inaudible voice….” 

To which the moon first repulsed, and then reposed 

And said something that left the earth frozed…. 

“All you said about me is sweet to sound 

But when you’ll face the reality, you’ll keep rotating round and round…. 

For it’s you because of which the million hearts are fond of me 

For it’s you because of whom my light is the only one for the many To see…. 

For it’s you who stood by me since my birth 

For it’s you who makes my existence worth…. ”

Hearing this made the earth twirl round and round forever 

To this time and till infinity, the earth and the moon will always be found altogether…. 


46 thoughts on “The Earth and it’s Moon 

      1. You know how there are some questions you never have answers to. Its like that. I don’t why i chose this name, but i love it. (Cathy is actually short for Catherine.)
        Sure i love my real name the most, but only when said completely and not turned short, which in India atleast, IS SO NOT POSSIBLE…. Because people here feel its necessary to shorten you name into something horrendous!

        Liked by 1 person

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